Gear Up For Halloween: The Walking Dead



Alright.  So it’s already the middle of September, and if you are anything like me, that means you have already started on your Halloween costume.  In my humble opinion, it’s never too early to start.  I take pride in my Halloween costume, and I always want to make sure it is as kick-ass as possible.  No cheap plastic masks or flimsy accessories.  Nope.  I want it to look as authentic as possible.

You can make the costume from scratch, but I have always believed, it’s the attention to detail that takes your costume to the next level.  You can’t spend months painstakingly crafting your home-made Darth Vader costume only to go and buy one of those cheap plastic lightsabers.  It just takes away from all your hard work.  You need something of a higher caliber.  Something of real quality.  So where can you go to get something like that this Halloween?  Hopefully I can help out.  I have found some fantastic items sure to polish off that costume or cosplay, truly bringing your character to life.

As we all know The Walking Dead starts back up this fall.  This immensely popular series is sure to spit out some pretty creative costumes this year.   But what is Daryl Dixon without his crossbow?  The 2 have become synonymous.  To try and do a Daryl costume, without that crossbow would be a bad idea.  Pay proper homage to your favorite walker hunter.  Do yourself a favor and get a proper crossbow.  Really show everyone else you mean business this Halloween.  Grab yourself the Man Kung Mini pistol Crossbow.  This bad boy is deserving even of Daryl.  Please keep in mind, this is a working, actual crossbow.  So when you head out to your parties, please leave your bolts at home.  This can be incredibly dangerous.  BE RESPONSIBLE!!!


For the rest of you Walking Dead fans out there, we have something for you too.  This Halloween grab anything from our Zombie hunting section, strap it on, and show it off.  Featuring all manner of undead cutlery, there is bound to be something to help you take down those walkers.  Knives featuring skulls, zombies, and radiation symbols.  These sweet knives will add that extra attention to detail, and take your costume to the next level.  As I said above, these are real weapons.  So please be careful.  And keep in mind, they may not be allowed in all parties or conventions.  So prepare beforehand.

So whether you are creating your own zombie hunter or donning the duds of your favorite hero from The Walking Dead, we have something to help you finish off that costume in the best way possible.  Check out the rest of our selection and find what’s right for you.

As Halloween gets closer and closer we will be taking a continued look at other items that will really help you finish those costumes and be the talk of the party.  Featuring items for characters like Batman and Deadpool, check back with us each week as we gear up for Halloween.

What do you plan on going as this year?  Maybe we have something that can help.  Let us know in the comments below and we will do our best make your Halloween one for the books!

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