In with the New

In case you haven’t heard, Zero Tolerance just released some new information about the 0777.
It has officially been retired due to some issues with the blade material that kept ZT team “from manufacturing to [their] intentions.”
Instead, ZT will soon be offering the 0777M390. It will have identical specifications to the 0777 with the exception of the blade steel (obviously), which will be premium M390 instead of the composite blade. The M390 blade will have a satin finish.
Take a look:
Another significant change about this blade is its price; rather than having an MSRP of $600, the price has dropped to $450. ZT will begin shipping for this blade this month, and ZT has a target production of approximately 1300.
Visit the ZT blog for more information.

3 thoughts on “In with the New

      1. Glad I didn’t pre order, doesn’t look neat as nice loosing the damascus. It changes the whole look of the blade.

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