National Knife Day: A Celebration

It’s here. The day knife addicts around the world unite. A day when there’s no shame in cramming an entire knife collection into one’s pockets. A day where we celebrate our undying love for all things sharp and pointy. It’s National Knife Day.
It’s safe to say we’ve had this day circled on our calendars for a while now, and we wanted this to be a celebration unlike any other day of the year. This isn’t one of those holidays that goes unnoticed like National Ground Hog Day. No, this is a day dedicated to those that love their blades. Those that feel naked, lost and afraid every time they forget their EDC.

How Blade HQ Celebrates

We decided to celebrate this year in a way only Blade HQ knows how: An epic Knife Banter parade. That’s right, we stuck Austin and Ben on the back of a convertible and had them chatter about National Knife Day in all its glory as they drove around. The parade was outfitted with a color guard, candy, and even Ben and Austin’s personal chauffeur.

This is Your Day Too

There’s no better feeling than giving the gift of the knife bug to those you love. There’s no better way to go about this than showing your love and commitment for your blades. We are talking from experience when we say the following list of things will help you and those around you make this beloved day the best it can possibly be.

  • Maintain – Clean, oil, and sharpen your knives in the days leading up to the glorious holiday. Every knife in your collection deserves some love, no matter the condition.
  • Carry – Carry as many as possible. That’s right, single or double carry isn’t going to cut it on the greatest day of the year.
  • Cut Tests Galore – This is your time to shine. Whether it’s paper, pictures, or food, cut anything you deem unnecessary in your life. What better way to test your S35VN blade against your AUS-8 than take down that stack of printer paper? Come on, you know your coworkers want to see it too.
  • Get Out – National Knife Day calls for celebration, not binge watching your favorite Netflix show. This means get out and put your knives to use. Chop through the forest with a machete, chuck some throwing knives at a log, heck, even shaving your arm hair is better than nothing. Your knives should see more action on this day than any other before.
  • Represent – It doesn’t matter how you do it so long as you do it. For some, this means wearing a Blade HQ t-shirt. For others, dressing to match their EDC is never out of the question.

Which knives do you carry on this special occasion? Let us know how you celebrate in the comments below! Also, see our National Knife Day Sale for all kinds of amazing deals.

5 thoughts on “National Knife Day: A Celebration

  1. Had I known of the free BM socks and Blade HQ t shirt this week, my wife Linda would have waited to order my birthday BM Proper a few days. Doesn’t seem fair.
    David and Linda Clayton

  2. Hi Blade H.Q.,
    When is this Day of Glory happening kind sir’s. Can’t hardly wait to get there!
    But for real when and where do the Gory Days. oops, Glory I intended to say. Ha Ha

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