Schrade Automatic California Issue

2014-03-28 18.02.19

If you live in a place that’s not knife-friendly, it can dramatically decrease your knife options. Schrade knows it isn’t easy living where your knives don’t shine, so they created this California Issue line of knives:












schrade-black-bling-pink-scalb-bp (1)

Even if you don’t live in a place that has strict knife laws, the California Issue line of knives is great because it’s compact and perfect for carrying in your pocket daily. Even though they are small, these knives still have great action.

What “California Issue” basically means is that the knives in the series have sub-two-inch blades (1.75 inches, to be exact). As you can see, each knife also has a sliding safety to ensure the blade fires only when you want it to. The overall length is 4.785 inches, and the weight is just 2.10 ounces, thanks to the aluminum frame.

Autos are a lot of fun to use, and everyone needs an auto that won’t be burdensome to carry around all day. These Cali Issue Schrades are both fun and compact, but they’re also very affordable.

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