SHOT Show 2018, Day 1

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is here. Our team is in Vegas at “Knife Disneyland,” burning the midnight oil to bring you the best new knives and tools from our favorite manufacturers at SHOT Show 2018. Check it out.

Zero Tolerance

We’ve been itching to get our hands on the new ZT 2018 lineup, and they didn’t disappoint. The ZT 06090393 Hinderer, and 0462 Sinkevich have all been upgraded from their older counterparts with 20CV blade steel. Though it’s the smallest of the three, the 0609 stands out from the other two with its 3D-machined titanium handle and flashy bronze color. It also brings an interesting innovation to the table, what RJ Martin is calling the See-Through Pivot (STP). The pivot features a window that lets you see all the way through the handle of the knife. Since it doesn’t use a Torx screw, ZT has also designed the specialized STPTOOL to allow for pivot adjustments. Watch Zac chat with ZT about their whole lineup below.


Lucas Burnley has done it again, elevating his original Böker Kwaiken design with the crisp, aggressive action of the Protech automatic system. Previous models have been among the top contenders at Blade HQ for a while, and we’re stoked to see this Kwaiken Automatic. Zac had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the designer (jealous much?), where Burnley gets detailed about what it took to bring this new model to life. Watch The Burns himself share the backstory of designing a stellar knife like the Kwaiken.


Buck has a whole slew of new knives to offer in 2018, but one of our favorites was their relaunch of the Open Season. With several upgrades, including multiple blade and handle options and S35VN steel, the new and improved Open Season is poised to be a fixed blade favorite this year. It even comes in a folding option for those who prefer pocket carry EDC’s. Take a look at Zac’s sit down with Buck to see their entire lineup. It’s a sight to behold.

That’s only scratching the surface, folks. Look for new blog posts covering the show as it progresses—and make sure to follow us on Instagram and our SHOT Show 2018 YouTube playlist to get live updates! Also, check out all the new arrivals on our site and preorder your favorite knives of the year. Let us know in the comments which new blades you’ll be adding to your wishlist.
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