Benchmade Pagan

The Benchmade Black Class includes some pretty distinguished knives, you just can’t argue with that.  These knives are strong and reliable, a true workhorse of a knife.  The Black class includes knives like the AXIS Drop-point Stryker, The Loco, and the SERUM.  So how do you keep a strong series like that going?  How do you live up to knives like those?  Enter the Benchmade Pagan!
Benchmade recently revealed the Benchmade Pagan, a stunning tactical OTF.  This knife had some big shoes to fill coming into the Black Class, but there are no doubts that it lives up to the rest of the knives in the class.  The layout of this knife is as great to look at as it is to hold.
The handle is crafted from a black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.  Meaning this knife is both comfy in the hand and sturdy to use.  It’s one of those knives that just feels at home in your palm, even before you extend the blade.  The handle comes to a total of 5.00” long, and .60” thick.  When you’re gripping this knife you can truly feel the quality of it in the palm of your hand.  You just know that this will be a knife that can stand whatever test you put it through.
What about the blade you ask?  The blade itself is made from 154CM steel.  154Cm steel was originally created to stand up to all kinds of vigorous industrial applications.  Meaning this blade is going to have what it takes to endure almost anything you put it through!  The blade has a chisel ground spear-point, double edge beauty, complete with black finish to match the handle.  The knife is extended using a double-action automatic operation resulting in an immediate response when extending and retracting.  The blade itself is 3.96” in length.  This means, when the blade is extended, it comes to an intimidating total length of 8.96”.
We are now taking pre-order’s for this powerful OTF in black, or you can purchase it in stone wash right now. The cost to preorder is just $5 down, which is applied to the price of the knife.  The remaining amount will be charged when the knife ships.  Reserve yours as soon as possible, as we expect this eagerly anticipated knife to go fast.
Are you looking forward to this exciting new OTF from Benchmade?  We definitely are.  Let us know what you are most excited for in the comments section below.

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