Boker Kalashnikov Knife Replacement Springs Conversion (2)

Spring for Kalashnikov Spring for Kalashnikov
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Need a replacement spring for your Boker Kalshnikov or want to try your own conversion? These springs will fit all plunger locking Kalashnikovs. They provide rocket-like action and offer a solid kick. Package contains two (2) springs. Blade modification may be required. We will not tell you how to put the spring in, we do not offer directions, you do this at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your knife. Sorry - it sounds harsh, but that's the way our lawyers say it has to be.

If you want a pre converted knife you can pick one up HERE.


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springs don't last long at all
thomas p.
Have the exact knife maybe for a month or so and the spring broke in it and I haven't used it since. Want to order new springs, the only bad part is shipping takes forever for just a little spring and they don't really communicate well through email either but I love the knife just a pain to have to order parts.